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Get the coolest looks for the sun and reshape their style. Here are some of the biggest eyewear trends to look out for in 2018.

Gold & Metal Frames

Gold or any metal accent (metallic silvers, gun metals and bronzes) adds interest to the foundational shape of your eyewear. The frame should be thin to highlight your eyes. Also, you can add detail to a fresh pair of sunglasses with tinted metallic reflective lenses. Ideal for: a clean polished look

Bold Frames

Loud, striking color makes a vibrant statement. Primary hues like reds, yellows and blues are most popular for this eyewear look. This frame typical includes bold shape to further enhance accent and interest ie. a geometric shape frames, cat eye frames).
Ideal for: a chic retro look

Classic Frames

Tortoise pattern, color-blocking, or tinted and mirrored lenses continue to impress with their nostalgic charm. The simple accents provide style minus all of the drama for an great everyday look. Prefer a classic remixed? Consider a frontal matte finish to add the drama. Ideal for: a reliable favorite look

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