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Many vision benefits and flexible spending accounts (FSA) offer benefits that expire at the end of every year. If you do not use them, you’ll lose them! In most cases, unused benefits cannot be transferred over to the New Year, typically beginning on January 1stThis is your hard-earned dollars! Don’t let them get wasted.

Most insurance plans entitle you to a comprehensive eye examination and either a pair of quality eyeglasses or an allowance that goes towards contact lenses each year. Have you taken advantage of these basic benefits this year? If you are not sure of the date of your last appointment at Mira Mesa Eyecare, call us at (858) 535-8282, and we can look it up for you.

Vision insurance plans vary in their coverage, and we accept most vision plans. Our friendly staff is knowledgeable and can help to decipher what insurance benefits your plan includes. Co-pays or allowances cover different services and products. Maximize your healthcare by understanding the benefits that are available to you and use those benefits. Contact lens exams and contacts are usually considered electives, however, some insurance plans cover them completely. In general, most plans will cover the following with a co-pay or an allowance:
• Comprehensive eye exam
• Frames
• Standard plastic lenses

If you’ve had an exam this year and a new prescription filled, yet still have money remaining in your FSA, why not stock up on accessories, sunglasses or a second/backup pair of eyeglasses? Avoid the rush and adding more frenzy, call us now or schedule your appointment online.