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Being unemployed, freelancing or a full time entrepreneur no longer means you must miss out on valuable vision coverage.  We know the loss of vision benefits can be difficult. Approximately 43 million households in the U.S. do not have vision coverage, including retirees, contract workers, and part-time employees.  Mira Mesa Eyecare have the perfect vision insurance solution with VSP Individual Vision Plans.


Finding a VSP vision plan is easy and take just a few minutes. Get started by entering your email and zip code on their website to find plan options available in your area. VSP Plans start for as low as $13 a month. Get annual comprehensive eye exams and a generous allowance for frames for your new glasses. Coverage also includes additional savings on lens enhancements and contacts. Members save an average of more than $200 per year and once you pick a plan, you can start using your benefits as soon as the next business day.

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Once you sign up you are in the system. VSP does not require the use of physical insurance cards to use your vision plan. You will not receive an insurance card in the mail. Dr. Tony Pham will be able to access your plan and copay information when you make an appointment. Reserve your next appointment at Mira Mesa Eyecare to access your benefits now.


Want more information about the VSP Individual Vision Plan program? Call 855.926.8877 and mention Mira Mesa Eyecare for friendly staff to assist you with program sign up. We will see you soon.

-Mira Mesa Eyecare


* This is a VSP Individual Vision Plans sponsored program. Our doctor earns a small commission upon use of our affiliate links. Your 20/20 Vision Starts Here!