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As we wrap up the year, so often we focus on family, holiday celebrations and travel. We forget our benefits. Insurance benefits are very helpful and they belong to you. Right now is the optimal time to use your Flexible Spending (FSA) and Health Savings (HSA) Accounts.

HOLIDAY SALE: Get 50% Off 2nd Complete Pair + 30% Off Each Additional Pair

Sometimes, you can save up to 40% on vision care expenses you already pay for. FSAs and other savings accounts allow you to pay for certain medical services in advance to use when needed. But you must remember to spend those saved dollars (credits) before the end of the year approaches.

MILITARY SAVINGS: $60* for Single Vision Frames and Lenses

Mira Mesa Eyecare offers the best savings on eyewear for the whole family. Our great end-of-year promotions help you stock up on brands you prefer for prices you love. Reserve your next appointment with our office and we will help you lower vision costs, apply eligible funds and look great. Your 20/20 vision starts here!


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