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It’s Earth Day,  a day to celebrate the planet we inhabit and find new ways to help protect it.

At Mira Mesa Eyecare we believe caring for our patients, team and community also means caring for our earth. Everyday we’re challenging and changing the way we work to consider the environment and to reduce our impact on the world. Here’s some of the ways we do our part:

  • Encourage and support our team, suppliers and patients to be conscious of their consumption
  • Order lenses, contact lenses, eyewear and other supplies digitally
  • Offer online options for welcome forms and ordering of contact lenses
  • Utilize digital messaging, records and email correspondence over paper where possible
  • Donate frames to charities that repurpose or reuse them when structurally appropriate
  • Recycle contact lens packaging, lens inserts, paper waste and boxes
  • Use reusable cups for our daily coffees

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