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Fall means changing weather, allergies and a start of a new busy holiday season. Learn how you can protect your vision health during this season with these great tips:


Vision Screenings vs. Exams

Never depend on screening alone for your eyes.
The vision screenings children often receive at school are not the same as a comprehensive eye exam. Vision screenings are just that – screenings. Start the school year right by scheduling a comprehensive eye exam for you and your children!

Wash Your Hands

Stay healthy by washing your hands frequently and avoid touching your eyes to prevent the spread of the flu, colds and eye-related illnesses like conjunctivitis (pink eye).

Continue Wearing Your Sunglasses

Even though the season has changed, keep wearing your sunglasses. When it is cloudy or overcast outside UV rays can penetrate cloud cover, in fact on a day that is slightly overcast, UV levels are about the same as on a clear day.

Eye Allergies

Fall can stir up a myriad of eye allergies, most of which are airborne, including pollen, mold, dust, and pet dander. If you can, try to avoid what is causing your eye allergies. You can also wear sunglasses and drive with your windows closed to help shield your eyes from allergens.

Remember to wear eye protection while cleaning, cooking, doing yard work, or working in the garage. Half of all eye injuries occur when doing these everyday chores, and 90 percent of all eye injuries are preventable by wearing the proper eye protection, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Stay Safe at Halloween

Save Yourself a Frightful Trip to the Emergency Room this Halloween.

Wear the proper eye protection while you and your children are carving and decorating pumpkins.
Costumes and accessories can harm eyes. Be aware of fake fingernails, broom sticks, swords, light-sabers, and magic wands. Talk to your children about the proper way to use and hold their costume accessories.

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